MM913B/MM913W - McKAL eCharger (Black/White)

MM913- eCharger (USB output with LED Light)

  • McKAL eCharger is an emergency USB output charger that can be used to power and charge any USB chargeable devices. With just 2x AA batteries that is easily available worldwide, you can now power and charge* your iPod/iPhone, most mobile phones, MP3 and other USB-powered devices. In addition, it has a little LED light built-in, just in case you need a little lighting in an emergency. Now, with eCharger, you can have power; anytime &anywhere!


  • Battery-powered emergency charger
    • short term emergency use only, do not replace your original charger
  • Accepts 2xAA battery for input (do no use rechargeable)
    • for high powered devices like iPhone/Smartphone, use only NEW BRANDED ALKALINE battery only
  • Standard USB output (5V 500mA max.)
    • output depending on battery power, some device will indicate not compaitable when use with old/low-power battery. McKAL recommend fresh new branded alkaline battery for iPhone and other smartphones.
  • Come with built-in LED light for emergency
  • Compact and convenient


  • Input: DC1.5Vx2 (DC3V) (2x AA battery)- Use only new branded alkaline
  • 1.5Vx2 required, DO NOT use all rechargeable battery (only 1.2V).
  • Output: max. 5V 500mA (depending on battery power)
  • Small LED light for emergency usage
    • Note: iPhone will indicate incompatiblility if battery is not delivering enough power. McKAL recommend using only new branded alkaline battery.


  • Compact and convenient for travel
  • Ideal for emergency charging and powering of phone/devices
  • Designed for short term use. Does not replace your original charger
  • USB output suitable for most modern phones and devices
  • Easily available power source (2xAA) battery

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