MM612 - McKAL USB Mobility Charger

MM612 - McKAL USB Mobility Charger

  • McKAL Auto-Mobility USB Adapter (classic) is our hugely popular USB-output cigarette car adapter. It gives you the ultimate mobility experience and enables you to charge (with the right cable) all your USB -powered devices, like MP3, MP4, iPod, iPhone, mobiles phones, PDA and handheld game consoles (PSP and NDS lite) and other accessories right inside your car without the need of PC/Mac or Notebook. You may get its companion products - McKAL charging cable [mC˛] MM63x and MM83x series - available for most devices. Also available is our range of travel adapters, including an emergency USB charger (MM913).


  • MCKAL USB Mobility Charger is the companion product that is for use in car to enable USB charging with USB cable (MM63x, MM83x)
  • MM612 is a basic model with 1 USB output that is suitable for USB chargeable devices like mobiles phone, bluetooth, MP3/4
  • Comes with 3 years warranty


  • Voltage out: ~DC 5.0
  • Current out: 1000mA (1.0A) X 1
  • Power Source interface: Car Cigarette Socket
  • Output interface: USB PortX 1
  • Dimensions: 105mm (L) x 55mm(W)
  • Weight: ~80g
  • With user replaceable fuse.


  • Ultra convenient to car in car
  • Compatible with original mobile cable & McKAL MM83x and MM63x cables.
  • User replaceable fuse for protection of your devices against power.

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