MP988C/MP988R - COUPE Mouse (Carbon/ Red Velvet)

MP988(C/R) COUPE Wireless Laser Mouse (Carbon/ Red Velvet)

  • McKAL coupé 2.4Ghz wireless laser mouse is the mustang equivalent among computer mouse. It ultilises the latest 2.4Ghz RF technology with 48-channel frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) that eliminates wireless interferences. Together with the latest state-of-art low-powered laser technology, it will provide you with unsurpassed precision, stability and superb battery life. McKAL coupé also comes with a “micro” USB receiver that is so compact that it can be stowed into the mouse neatly when not in use. That’s not all, McKAL coupé will even work when the battery is flat*! With the standard 5-pin mini USB cable provided, you can use the mouse while it charges the rechargeable battery at the same time!


  • Small and Compact
  • Low-Powered Laser Technology
    • (Note: Laser is invisible to naked eyes.)
  • Need just 1x AAA battery
  • Micro-size USB receiver (dongle)
  • High Precision (1600/1200/800dpi)
  • Built-in Battery Charger
  • Comes with 1 year warranty


  • ~8.3cm (L) x 4.7cm (W) x 3.0cm (H)
  • High precision 1600/1200/800dpi
  • Latest low-powered technology (Laser is invisible to naked eyes)
  • Micro-size USB wireless receiver (dongle)
  • Concealed compartment for docking USB wireless receiver
  • Windows, Mac OS and Linux support ^
  • ^ Windows ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7, Mac OS8.6 or later


  • Enviromental friendly in using just 1 rechargeable battery
  • Ultra convenient and compact with built-in battery charging function
  • Superb Laser technology precision with selectable 1600/1200/800dpi
  • Convenient retractable charging/power cable
  • No worry for battery flat
  • Click here for detail user guide

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