MP955B/MP955W McKAL soCool collapsible/foldable notebook stand

MP955-soCool collapsible stand (Black/White color with 3M sticker)

  • McKAL soCooL collapsible notebook stand is an original design from McKAL. It gives your notebook the critical lift from the table that enable the ventilation to flow smoothly and thus prolonging your notebook lifespan. Easy to fix and easy to keep; unlike other bulky stand/ball solution, you never need to keep them separately and will not leave them behind in cafe, hotel room or office.


  • Original McKAL design.
  • Small and compact
  • Creative collapsible(foldable) design for maximum convenient
  • Easy to use and easy to keep design
  • Comes with high heat-resistance original 3M adhesive tape for durability
  • Suitable for notebook, netbook, DVD player, SAT/Cable boxes and other devices


  • Dimension:
  • Collapsed 35mm x 19mm x 6mm
  • Extended 35mm x 19mm x 20mm(approx.)
  • Original 3M heat-resistance adhesive tape.


  • Compact and convenient
  • Easy-to-fix, easy-to-use and easy-to-keep design
  • Will-not-forget design unless other balls/stand solution
  • Ideal for notebook, DVD paly, SAT/Cable boxes etc.
  • Heat-resistance original adhesive tape to ensure stability and durability

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