MP601 - RJ45 w/Cross Over (Retractable)

MP601 - RJ45 w/Cross Over (Retractable)


  • Super convenient
  • Neat and tidy
  • Practical LAN Cable
  • Laplink ready
  • PC to PC connection without hub/switch
  • Perfect for PC/MAC Desktop to LAN, Notebook/Laptop to LAN, PC/MAC to PC/MAC (with crossover adapter), PC/MAC to Management console (with crossover adapter)
  • Any other RJ45 Straight connection (with/without crossover adapter)
  • Comes with 3 years warranty


  • Cat 5 RJ45
  • Retractable Cable
  • Crossover adapter
  • Dimensions: Fully retracted 84mm (L) x 35mm (W)
  • Fully extended ~1.3m(L)
  • Weight: ~34g (including crossover adapter)


  • Crossover Adapter will convert any straight LAN cable to cross cable
  • Ultra-convenient for business traveller
  • All notebook bag should always have at least one on standby
  • Ready for any wired connectivity, anytime, anywhere

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