MP120 - eMAXed DVD Drive Cleaner

MP120 - eMAXed DVD Drive Cleaner


  • Cyclone Hexa-lite Technology
  • Dry, zero-moisture cleaning system
  • Delicate-lite Fiber-optic brushes
  • Spiral Hexa-configuration of brushes for optimal cleaning


  • 1x DVD disc
  • 6x fiber-optic brushes (on disc)
  • Home Theater Image & Sound tools


  • Complete dry cleaning system without cleaning solution.
  • 6 hexa-lite fiber-optic brushes configured in spiral configuration to maximise cleaning
  • Highly flexible fiber-optic threads that will not knock the laser lens out of alignment.
  • Home theater image & sounds tools for testing the system's audio and video settings
  • Maximises entertainment from your DVD players

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