Featured Products

MM221 power Tab

McKAL power USB travel adapter for iPad/iPad2 or GALAXY Tab. Travel easy and neat with McKAL power adapter.

MM151 drive compact

McKAL drive compact USB charger for iPad. Now you can power and charge your iPad/iPad2, anywhere, anytime!

MM912 drive Tab

McKAL drive USB charger for tablets. Power and charge your iPad/iPad2 or GALAXY Tab while driving.

GALAXY Tab Charging

McKAL retractable USB charging cable for tablets. Charge your GALAXY Tab while driving and travelling.

Stamina X

Stamina X(treme) ergonomic mouse for serious gamers.

Welcome to McKAL

McKAL was founded with the idea that things that worked are not necessarily complicated. In fact, things that work are usually the most obvious, simple and elegant ones. We have a vision of providing simple and yet effective products to people. In short, simple terms, we provide practical products, with no compromises on functionalities.